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Learning Pottery

I was very nervous before I went to pottery with Wendy.  I had been once before but this was along time ago at school.  I would recommend people going to pottery because you can, like, well you can build up your confidence and do things that you have never had the chance to do before.

Also, the pottery class is done so that you are not there alone.  You will be there with people that maybe you don’t know and it’s really good to meet new people and get their help.  It’s a great place to meet people and being able to create and make things.

Like when I first went there I could see that people were making really good things and I was really nervous.  I never thought I could make things as good as they could.  But with Wendys help I did.  I managed to make some really impressive things that I was proud of.

I made a vase for my son Kane and I was so proud of it.  I learnt skills that I did not have before and also another really good thing about pottery is that you can go there and forget all your worries.  When you are there any stresses that you have in your life just go.  You can clear your head.

So I would recommend pottery to anyone who is stressed because it will really relax you.  I would also recommend it, even if you are nervous, cos Wendy will put you at ease and really help you.  It was a really good experience.  Thankyou Wendy

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amandas creative pottery

my special vase

my special vase

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what ya saying????

well what i’m saying is … welcome to my page everyone!

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Hello world!

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